[FT001] Radarstation

darstation cover
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Fantomton is a collaboration of musical people who enjoy parties and live situations – any place where people can communicate the good feelings they have because of the music and experimental ideas.

Fantomton was actually born recording some samples together. We did that like children, having fun and looking for sounds that represent us. With this attitude, we happened to go to a overaged Radarstation in Berlin, at Teufelsberg. The location is wonderful: the panorama of Berlin is awesome, the building simply charming. We spent hours through the building, making fotos, recording samples of any kind, hanging around and having fun.

Therefore we decided to use this samples for making some music, but also to continue with this sharing and playfully attitude. For this reason we gave the samples to some friends and artists that wanted to make a track out of these recordings.

The result is the first release of Fantomton, made out mainly by these Radarstation mysterious samples. Every artist had the possibility to make every kind of track: the border of this album is not the genre, but the source of the sounds.

01 Radarfilm – Hektosphere
02 Fiend – Teufelsberg
03 DJ? Tasmo – krrrk
04 Grappadura – Pelacable
05 Echonic – Treptow Ride
06 Erased Bodies – sCrAtch
07 Bokka – Aufbruch

Auch im De-Bug Podcast: http://de-bug.de/pod/archives/4544.html


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3 Responses to “[FT001] Radarstation”

  1. fantomton Says:

    Kreislauf hörempfehlung:


  2. fantomton Says:

    […Fantomton Performs “Radar Station” On 28 March 2009, at Freifeld, a free space for electronic arts in Edelweiss, Berlin, Fantomton performed its latest release, “Radar Station”. …]


  3. Monolakes Radarstation Interpretation « Fantomton's Blog Says:

    […] Berlin besucht und eifrig Samples aufgenommen. Herausgekommen ist dabei unser erstes Release Radarstation, bei dem verschiedene Künstler das aufgenommene Material interpretiert […]

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