Dropbox Battle

The Dropbox Battle is a world wide music contest hosted by various netlabels from Berlin.

It’s open to all producers whoever feel like competing through music.
5 rounds, 5 musical genres, 5 chances but only 1 champion.

Each round will start with a live streaming and will last 2 weeks.
During these 2 weeks, it will be possible to listen to the tracks or to the whole show, and to vote for the winner of the round.
Votes and tracks have to be submitted by 5pm (Berlin local time) of the day of the show.

At the end, we will decide the final champion, considering all podiums and all public´s vote.

What you will mainly gain out of this contest is challenge and a lot of fun….but there will be also a small surprise…:)
At the end we will do a cd compilation to promote all the winners.

The Live Streaming show :

The live streaming show is where we will present all tracks to the public.
There will be one show for each round (so 5 shows) every 2 weeks on tuesday night at 9pm (Berlin local time).
It will be hosted by a mediator, and some critics.
If there are too many submissions, it wont be possible for us to fit everyone into the show.
But don´t worry, all tracks will still be playable through our soundcloud player, for a period of 2 weeks.
During the show, we will also announce the winner of the previous round.

The streaming link will be accessible from the Dropbox Battle website.

Here are the dates of the shows.

16/03 for the Open Step round (Dubstep, 2 step, Garage,Hip Hop)
30/03 for the Open Electro round. (Minimal Techno, Electro)
13/04 for the Open Break round. (Any music made of Breaks)
27/04 for the Open Techno round. (Any Techno music)
11/05 for the Open Core round. (Any music with Core on it)

For the producers :

The tracks submission for the first Contest will be open from the 1st of March.
Play for any rounds you like, or all of them if you are able to.
All tracks have to be licensed under Creative Commons.
Submit only one track for each round, with a minimum bit rate of 192Kbps (wav format highly recommended).
Moreover we suggest that your tracks are under 6 minutes length.
We need a small description of yourself in order to participate in the contest :
please send it along with your track, to help us introducing you and your music during the show.
Go to the Dropbox Battle website, for the upload information.

For the music fans :

You can vote only once per round.
Send your round´s winner name via email.
Spread the word !!!

For more information, check out the Dropbox Battle website.

Contacts :



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